The Basel Proms Chorus is the heart and soul of the Basel Proms project.

Our members hail from Basel, Zurich, France, Germany, and beyond. Up to 120 members of every age group and level of experience come together to create a diverse and exciting choral sound.

Participants are immersed in the British choral tradition through three weekend workshops with our Principal Conductor, David Lawrence. David will be leading the singers through the concert repertoire, discussing its historical context, and creating a delightfully upbeat and positive environment in which to improve vocal, musical and choral skills.

This year, we are delighted and honoured to welcome Maija Gschwind as our Chorus Master in Basel. Maija will work in close collaboration with David, leading monthly rehearsals from May through to October 2024. 

Want to join us? Please visit our chorus website for details!

Thank you for taking this wonderful life experience happen. It was amazing to be part of such a wonderful living creation!

Paul Wade

Being in a choir for the first time since I was at school (many years ago!) was a fantastic experience. The collaboration and the new contacts I have made amongst the choir members have certainly enriched my life. Whenever the next event takes place, I am eagerly looking forward to it.

Anton Willi

Meine beste Entscheidung diesen Sommer: bei “Baselproms” mitzusingen!!! Die schöne Musik, das gemeinsame Singen, die gute Organisation, die tollen Proben, vor allem mit David. Und all die netten Leute, die ich kennen lernen durfte. Und dann natürlich das Konzert. Wirklich ein unvergessliches Erlebnis! Thank you!

Veronika Karrer-Buser

It was an incredible experience, and everything that shared music making should be: high quality, fun, thrilling, stirring, moving and joyful. It was a great privilege to sing with the chorus, and I am still buzzing, two days later. Thank you, and I do hope to be able to make music again with you all in the future.

K. Taylor

To register for the Basel Proms Chorus or to request more information, please EMAIL US or fill out this form.