Inspired by the legendary music festival at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Basel Proms is a rousing gala evening that brings together Swiss, UK  and international artists in a grand celebration of music, arts and culture. The event features the Basel Proms Orchestra, the Basel Proms Chorus and international and Basel-based soloists.

The Basel Proms Orchestra is made up of Basel Festival Orchestra members and other Basel-based musicians with backgrounds from all over the world.

The orchestra and chorus is e led by our Principal Conductor, David Lawrence, one of the UK’s most versatile conductors, working with orchestras, symphony choruses and national youth choirs. Nominated for a Gramophone Award for his conducting, David was recently awarded a prestigious award by the Royal Academy of Music, and holds the Guinness World Record for conducting the UK’s largest choir.

And last, but not least, the heart and soul of the Proms concerts, the Basel Proms Chorus is made up of the people of Basel and its neighbouring countries, France and Germany, and cities including Zurich, and beyond. The Basel Proms Chorus features voices ranging widely in age and experience coming together to create a diverse and exciting choir of up to 120 members strong. Participants particularly experience the British choral tradition through two intense weekend workshops led by David Lawrence. In the Choral Workshop Intensive, David Lawrence guides singers of the Proms Chorus through the repertoire of the concert and discusses the music in its historical context, but also addresses matters of vocal technique and ensemble singing, so that all participants have the opportunity to improve their vocal, musical and choral skills in a positive and uplifting setting.

Congratulations on a marvellous spectacle last Saturday! I had a delightful time watching the performances that captured the spirit of the very much loved British classic 'Last Night of the Proms'.

Her Excellency Jane Owen
His Majesty’s Ambassador | British Embassy Berne

I have absolutely no words to describe how great this experience was. I am definitely gonna be back if this happens again next year or the next”

Nuno Carinhas


Classical music has progressively transformed into an exclusive and somewhat inaccessible experience, a shift attributed not solely to exorbitant ticket prices but also to the daunting and overly intellectual nature of programming and performances.

The Basel Proms is a direct response to this trend, breaking the rules, and changing the perception of classical concerts as dull, boring and only for the older generation.

The Basel Proms brings the highest quality music making to the broadest possible audience in an exhilarating way.

Our programmes strike a balance between accessibility and a high level of artistic integrity. Every concert is a joyous celebration designed to captivate and inspire the audience, actively involving them in the experience through participatory elements, including sing-alongs. Our chorus is a testament to our community engagement and commitment to cultural exchange. Our choir members come from all walks of life, all ages, and all abilities. We accept everyone who wants to sing, and the result is truly exceptional.

The Basel Proms is a direct response to this trend, breaking the rules, and changing the perception of classical concerts as dull, boring and only for the older generation.